Morning Mojo listeners win side tables for correctly predicting ministerial portfolios

At last the Nigerian Federal Executive Council has been inaugurated.

Thirty-six ministers on Wednesday, took their oath of office, which automatically signaled the constitution of President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet.

In a group of four each, the ministers were called forward and the oath was administered on them. The inauguration of the cabinet comes six months after the President took over on May 29.

The President, after the swearing in, said that his administration would continue to implement policies that would improve the economy of the nation.

He added that the Federal Government would implement policies that will generate massive employment for youths and ensure food security.

He reiterated his determination to diversify the economy with agriculture becoming a major sector.

With assurances that the country would experience positive changes, President Muhammadu Buhari asked that all Nigerians “keep hope alive”.

I have put round pegs in round holes” the President declared.

Two weeks ago, on my morning show on WEFM106.3, just after the minesterial appointees were cleared by the senate, we held an on air competition supported by who’s CEO, Raymond Umeh was with me in the studio. The object wasto analyse each minesterial choice based on their percievedcompetences and predict what ministeries they could best be deployed. offered side tables built in the company’s factory as the prize for anyone who rightly matched three ministers to their portfolios.

After two weeks of anxiety, we announced the results today. As it turns out, President Muhammadu Buhari took the nation by surprise and none of the contestants correctly predicted what was to come for all three of their guesses.

Morning Mojo caller, Greg, however, came the closest with two out of three correct answers. He predicted that Mrs Kemi Adeosun would become Minister of Finance and Senator Aisha Al-Hassan, Minister for Woman Affairs.

Congratulations, Greg, we have decided to give you the prize. Two more side tables were given by Scaarabrand to Morning Mojo fans Pa Johnson and Amani Inedu.

Here are photos of the beautiful side tables



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