British MP visits Dangote refinery

British member of parliament, Mr. John Howell and his team arrived in the free trade zone at Ekpe, Lagos state . They are here to inspect the Dangote refinery, fertilizer and east/west off shore gas gathering system.


The Dangote conglomerate boasts of serving 26, 716 depots in Nigeria alone.


When the refinery is ready, the management says it will benefit the host communities in terms of infrastructure enhancement, direct and indirect employment.


Devakumar Edwin, Group Executive Director, Dangote industries ltd. also spoke about the benefits of this refinery


With more private sector participation like this, Nigeria’s economy is sure to be on the upward swing.



  1. The $12 Dangote Refinery will be the Largest in Africa




The refinery currently being built for Dangote Industries will have refining capacity of 650,000 barrels per day. This certainly makes it the biggest refinery in Nigeria (leaving the previous refineries in Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Warri in the dust) and indeed Africa. It is touted to also be one of the biggest refineries in the world in terms of capacity.


  1. Three Major Projects Bring the Total Cost to $17 billion




With the main project being the refinery which will cost $12 billion there are two other key projects going on alongside that. These are the $2 billion fertilizer plant and the subseas gas pipeline project from Bonny through Ogedegbe Olokola in Ogun State to Lekki which will cost approximately $3 billion as well. It is the most incredible industrial project in Africa


  1. Job Creation


The Dangote refinery and petrochemical plant project is expected to create about 85,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Dangote has also assured that the people in the project’s community and catchment areas will also benefit as well get about 1,000 of their people trained.


Thousands of engineers will be employed for the smooth take off of the plants. Already quite a few engineers have been sent on training abroad preparatory to the launch of the projects.


  1. The Dangote Project will Make Nigeria a Net Exporter of Petroleum Products


The Dangote project is planned to meet and surpass Nigeria’s daily need for refined petroleum products including diesel and aviation fuel thus effectively making way for exports of some of the refined products. According to the billionaire his company also plans to export poly-propylene and fertilizer





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