Osinbajo seeks private sector support in tracking insecurity, injustice

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has called on the private sector to work with the government at all levels to establish peace and security, justice and participatory democracy in Nigeria and in the African continent.


The Vice President made call in Abuja on Wednesday at the launch of the Global Commission Report on Governance, Security and Development.

Professor Osinbajo told the gathering that social injustice was mostly responsible for the many conflicts in Africa and around the world.

“Setting things right cannot be left to the government alone, especially as injustice in Nigeria has often led to insecurity and instability in other countries.

“For the government to be responsive and responsible, all segments of the population must continue to play its role in global peace and security, starting with the sub-region,” Vice President Osinbajo stressed.

“Global Security”

Professor Osinbajo said Africa was one of the continents at the centre of series of vices and conflicts, resulting from crises of global governance.

He emphasised that Nigeria needed to play a pivotal role in the reforms of global governance institutions in Africa.

The co-chair of the Global Commission’s Report, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, said peaceful governance at the national level alone was no longer enough, as “efforts are being made to draw links between security, justice, development and good governance towards a peaceful world”.

Professor Gambari stated that the issues, if not resolved would affect the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as they were indirectly connected.

The launch of the report was the third presentation of the report after it was launched last month in The Hague, Berlin and the United Nations headquarters in New York.

It is aimed at kick-starting conversation on global security, justice and governance.

The idea of a Nigerian presentation is to task policy makers in Africa on needed concerted action on the complex challenges of the region and also the world.

It is also expected to stir a debate and proffer solutions that would be adopted and implemented as global recommendations towards tackling the many challenges of security, human rights, justice and environment.

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