Vulgar Musical Lyrics Influenced By Listeners, Says “Charly Boy”

One of the nation’s foremost entertainers, Charles Oputa, on Friday said that the spate of vulgar musical lyrics by musicians nowadays was due to its appealing nature to the listeners.

Oputa, who is popularly known as “Charly Boy’’ by his admirers, spoke against the backdrop of the prevailing musical lyrics in the nation that dwelled more on women, money and sex.

Charley Boy told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that people basically listened to music to either relax or to be influenced by its message.

“So it depends on where the person’s ear is.’’

The showbiz impresario told NAN that the young ones are more interested in how much money they are making more than what they are teaching the people.

“You cannot blame them for that, they didn’t get into the business to come and be broke like me.

“So, they want to make money, and not die poor like so many entertainers,’’ he said.

He noted that some people like to listen to music that connoted sex.

“If I know that some people like that, I will play that so that they can buy more and I can make money, period.

“I can tell you what you want to hear and you will give me money,’’ he said.

Charley Boy said that the people that condemned it were the same people that patronised them.

“If you are not buying, the musicians will not produce it.

“It is because you are buying, that they are playing and making their money,’’ he said. (NAN)


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  1. opeolarewaju

    Rather interesting take, Gramps. if they were not put out there by the artistes in the first place, would the listeners even have the option of buying and listening to all that trash? you hardly find a fan walk into your studio and say, “Hey Charly Boy, hit me with a few bars of obscenity and drop a vamp of indecency while you’re at it”.

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