Angry mob strips two women naked over N100,000 theft in Abuja

Imagine you were walking down a narrow path in a market. People are everywhere walking by you and brushing up against you. A lman breezes by you and brushes your shoulder. You barely even notice, until suddenly, the man begins to yell and scream that his wallet has been stolen.

You look over your shoulders to find out what the commotion is all about and suddenly your eyes meet his and he yells even louder, its he that took my money, thief! Thief! You try to stay calm but you are suddenly sorounded by an angry mob. You get dizzy as strange angry faces scream so loud at you that their sweat and spit cover your face. Then…a shove, then a slap, a punch, a kick.

Suddenly, you are in the agony of your life, stripped naked in the market square. Some brings a tire, then two. Burn him! Burn him! They scream, as loudly as the mob that stood under Pontius Pilate two thousand years ago screaming for the blood of one man like thirsty vampires….and they didn’t even know your name. They didn’t even know your accuser. They didn’t even know if you were guilty or not.

How much was the money said to have been stolen anyway?

Think carefully because next time you go to a public place, your life depends only on the fact that no one has decided to accuse you of stealing. Is there a death penalty for stealing?

You probably feel safe right now. You may feel this is something that happens in far away suburban places like Mushin Market of old. But it is happening right here in the FCT. Not far from you

Daily post published over the weekend that an angry mob on Wednesday stripped two women naked for stealing N100,000 from a wine shop at Dutsen Alhaji market, Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

The story was that the women who pretended to be buying some items entered into the shop at the market. While one of the women approached the shop owner and negotiated the price of a bottle of wine, the other dipped her hand into the drawer and removed N100,000.

According to an eyewitness, “She was about to walk away with the money when the shop owner who had seen her raised the alarm which attracted other traders,” the witness said.

The eyewitness also told of how traders, who noticed what happened, pounced on the two women and stripped them naked in the process.

In this case, there was a The timely intervention of the police. This is the only thing that saved the two women from been lynched and the Police quickly whisked them away from the market.

Confirming the incident, the Dutse Divisional Police Officer, SP Hajiya Aisha Yusuf said the suspects have been charged to court.

Now that is the way it is supposed to be. A suspect is cought, arrested and charged to court. There is a reason why this happens…its so that we can exhaustively establish the guilt or innocence of that suspect.

This is not the first time …

A lecturer at the Taraba College of Education (COE) Zing, Kassimu Umar, was on Friday burnt to death in a mob action after he allegedly hit and killed five primary school pupils with a vehicle he was driving.

Recently, Joseph Kwaji, the Police Public Relations officer (PPRO), of the Taraba Police Command confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jalingo.

He said that the mob forcefully removed Mr. Umar from the Pupule Police Outpost, where he went to report the incident, and the mob burnt him to death.

And then there was the famous Aluu incident, which is as infamous as the Chibok girls kidnap in my estimation.

This Video is on youtube. It  shows how a large crowd were watching and laughing, shouting and asking for blood, as the four uniport students were beaten with sticks and stones to coma, and later on, tyres were placed over these student’s heads and they were drenched in fuel, then burned

One of them tried standing up to run away from the fire, but couldn’t.. and hundreds of people gathered and watching.

Shockingly, the four students were paraded around the community for more than 4 hours

They were accused of stealing. On Friday October 5, 2012, four students at the University of Port Harcourt, in southern Nigeria, went to the nearby village of Aluu. They had gone to collect a debt from a man named Coxson Lucky. The students were young men, all in their teens or early twenties. At Aluu, they tried to shake down Lucky (how aggressively, no one really knows); it seems they also seized some items belonging to him. Lucky raised an alarm, a crowd gathered, and the students found themselves accused of stealing laptops and phones.

Do we place higher value on worldly possessions than human life?

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