Court Dismisses Suswam’s Suit Against Ortom

From recent events, it has become clear that the best counter move to make when you are facing allegations of corruption is to announce that the allegations are politically motivated…whatever that means. You then proceed to court to get the justice institutions to protect you…not from conviction…no, no… to protect you from even being investigated.

So we are clear on that. But what do you do when the courts refuse to grant your wishes? Well, that’s what a former governor of Benue State is about to find out.

A High Court of Justice sitting in Makurdi, Benue State’s capital, has dismissed a suit filed by former Governor Gabriel Suswam, seeking to restrain Governor Samuel Ortom and the Commission of Inquiry from investigating him.

In a ruling on yesterday, Justice Adam Onum, said that Governor Ortom had the power to constitute the panel of inquiry to gather information regarding affairs of the Suswam administration, to enable him carry out his statutory responsibilities as governor.

The court, however, cautioned that the Commission of Inquiry lacked the power to instantly issue arrest warrant against Mr Suswam, but could invite him to appear before it to answer questions regarding the criminal breach of trust.

He also cancelled an earlier order restraining the Commission from further sittings.

This ruling, therefore, clears the path for Governor Ortom’s panel of inquiry to continue its investigation into financial receipt during the Suswam’s administration between 2007-2015 as part of his vow to fully probe Suswam.

No sooner was this done, than Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State began talking real tough. He is asking former governor, Gabriel Suswam to make certain cash refunds of missing monies to the state government’s coffers.

Like a roll call in secondary school, Governor Ortom rolled out a long list of receipts which were not reflected in the state’s income and expenditure records.

Just before these events, Ortom’s predecessor, Gabriel  Suswam was quite defiant. At a thanksgiving service held in his honour on Sunday, he denied allegation of corruption against him, saying it is a politically motivated effort to demonize his time in office as the Governor of the state.

The embattled former Governor also spoke on his preparedness to answer to the corruption charges brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, but regretted the misleading information carried by the media about his purported arraignment.

“Forget about the politics of trying to make me become a project,” the former Governor told a Television reporter.

He advised the current government to concentrate on delivering the promises made to the people.

Now this sounds to me like words I have heard before? I am only curious about something…and this is something I would love to ask our political office holders whenever I get the opportunity. If you say you are innocent, and you say you have nothing to hide and again you say the charges against you are politically motivated, then why do you do everything in the book except address the charges. Every action you seem to take with regards your case has nothing to do with your activities being legal and correct. They all have to do with stopping someone from even investigating or trying you.

I am confused.

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