Nigeria Seeks Partnership With UK To End Crude Oil Theft

Nigeria is seeking partnership with the British Government to combat crude oil theft through the tracking of movement of ships by the Global Insurance Company, Lloyds of London.

The Federal Government sought the partnership at a meeting with a delegation from the UK, led by the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, on Tuesday.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Khadija Ibrahim, at the meeting said Nigeria’s major areas of interest for partnership were economic development, corruption and security.

Mrs Ibrahim said that oil and gas had been the main areas in which the United Kingdom and Nigeria have had a lot of trade relationship. But unfortunately, now that the price of the crude oil has gone down, Nigeria is seeking to diversify in areas of agriculture and mining.

“We seek more trade relationships with the United Kingdom in the areas of agriculture and mining.

“There is no sound economy without security in the country, no investors will come to a country where there is consistent war and terrorism, no investor will be safe with insecurity and terrorism.

“Since the Boko Haram insurgency, there’s been less investment in Nigeria, but with the assistance of the United Kingdom, I think it will come a long way in helping to assist Nigeria in fighting Boko Haram menace,” she said.

The British High Commissioner, however, said that the British Government was working on returning stolen assets to Nigeria and was already encouraging investors to come to Nigeria while work is on to stop the insurgency in the north.

“Personally, we are looking forward to cooperating with Nigerian Government by bringing together Lloyds of London and the Nigerian Government to see what we can do in that area.

“On the economy, part of my job is to encourage British investors to come to Nigeria to invest in the country, to create jobs and employment.

“We are hopeful that the new economy team will provide the right economic environment and send a right signal and message that will encourage investors to come to Nigeria,” he said.

Mr Arkwright, further said that the oil theft issue would be looked into.

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