Can the legislature win the public’s trust with an opulent lifestyle?


Organised labour, yesterday, condemned the planned purchase of 108 SUVs for senator, describing the alleged inflation of the prices of the cars as shameful and criminal, which must be resisted by the people.


A statement by the Ayuba Wabba-led faction of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, in Abuja, accused the Senate of inflating the unit cost price of the vehicles by over 100 percent as, according to the union, each car that was supposed to cost N17 million was hiked to N35.1 million.


Wabba also wondered where the senators got such huge sums to buy vehicles at such price when it was not appropriated in the 2016 budget.


The statement read: “We consider appalling, insensitive and greedy the decision of the Senate to acquire 108 Toyota Landcruisers after collecting car ‘loans’ in August last year for the same purpose.


“It is equally morally despicable and shameful that they are doing this after publicly admitting that the standing committees of the Senate was unable to perform their statutory functions due to paucity of funds.


“The defence offered by the Senate spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, is laughable and childish. According to him, Special Advisers use jeeps, why not Senators or do Nigerians expect them to trek to work? “Couldn’t this have been put to better uses such as constituency projects?”

The labour leader condemned the Senate for opting to display such a curious level of luxury in the face of the severe economic challenges facing the country.


Also, the Trade Union Congress says the decision of the senators to acquire the luxury cars after collecting loans for the same purpose is criminal.


The President and Secretary of the TUC, Messrs Bala Kaigama and Simeso Amachree respectively, said in a statement on Monday that the senators had lost touch with the reality of the people who voted them into power.


TUC added, “It is an act of criminality to acquire cars after collecting loans for the same purpose.


“Where did such idea emanate from for God’s sake at a time the country is bleeding from all sides and seriously gasping for breath?


“We want the Senate to immediately furnish Nigerians and the world with how they got money for the purchase of these cars without appropriation.”



Today’s uncertain world requires leaders to pay close attention to others. Leaders must be active and attentive listeners, practice patience, appreciate the unique talents and capabilities of their colleagues, and be noticeably grateful for the effort and performance of their teams. People are carefully observing their leaders, looking for reasons not to trust them (because they have been burned so many times in the past), but ultimately wanting their leaders to be worthy of their respect and loyalty. Unfortunately, leaders often make this task difficult as many of them are not naturally wired to lead, or emotionally intelligent enough to be aware of the consequences of their insensitive leadership style and demeanor.


To help you achieve sustainable success as a leader who puts people first

Leaders that are too politically savvy can be viewed as devious and inauthentic.  Employees want to follow leaders who are less about the politics and more about how to accomplish goals and objectives.   While being politically savvy is important, leaders must be careful not to give their employees the impression of orchestrating hidden agendas.


People want to believe that their leaders are focused on the betterment of the team.  If this requires well-intentioned political maneuvering to advance team goals and objectives, then great.  However, if it comes across that a leader is solely intent on protecting themselves and their own personal agendas – trust from the team will be lost quickly and difficult to recapture.



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