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I am a Talk Show Host and Radio Presenter at WE106.3FM with extensive experience in public speaking and broadcasting. I have worked in a diverse range of fields, especially in business management, that have enriched me with corporate wisdom across both private and public sectors.

Adept at communicating ideas and connecting with people, I have a solid track record of using advanced research, analysis, strategic planning and negotiation skills to successfully develop leadership initiatives with over fifteen years of experience in advertising, graphic design, printing, publishing and media communications, I have acquired proficiency in strong communication skills that promote the concept of resetting one’s mind towards application of strategic planning to problem solving. I love to talk to people in a bid to get to the heart of the matter.

I host a series of shows, both at Wefm106.3 and On Demand Radio/Television, most notably the audience favorite, “Morning Mojo”, a wake up and drive time show that tackles issues ranging from politics, business, news and current affairs society and entertainment. I was the Pioneer voice on the station and have since scored exclusive interviews with major public figures like Federal Ministers, Governors, Senators, Captains of Industry as well as Music and Film stars.


6 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Amaka ngwoni

    I don’t like to listen to news, but after I listened to you I don’t miss the morning MOJO. How do I get news from this blog without going to Twitter?

    • stanleybentu

      Thank you very much, Amaka. If you want to get to this blog without going to twitter simply search stanleybentu.wordpress.com and it will take you straight to my home page…or you could just google stanley bentu’s blog. Thanks and God bless you

  2. prince ajibade

    You make my driving to the office very interesting, I’d to stay a little more in the car till 8am on the dot. You are amazing and inspiring.
    Thank you for a good job.

  3. Chikelue

    Good day sir,
    Please what is your email address? Need to send a mail to you, but do not have your email add.
    Kind regards

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